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Friday, October 08, 2004

Agenda - General Meeting - 11 Oct 2004

1. Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance

2. Introduction of new members and guests

3. Reading of June minutes

4. Treasurer's Report - Thana Cottrell

5. Announcements - President, Vera Zimmerman
FSGS Annual Conference, 12-13 Nov 2004, Melbourne

6. Reports:
Acting Program Chairman, Glenice Fablinger
Computer Interest Group, Frank Bryan
Education, Jim Fulton - Lloyd Holt
Historian, Shannon McGregor
Library, Joan Bullard
Membership, Jodelle Wilson
Publications, Barbara Maloney
Publicity/Phone, Lucy Brown
Research, Pete Bradish
Web Master, Patrice Green

7. Nominating Committee Report

8. Break

9. Drawing for Door Prizes

10. Program - Ben DuBose, Teddy Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Family Genealogy

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